Poular Books

Various types of popular books of many famous authors are available in the library. Many books of recent times are also available here for all of the members.

Rare Books

As a surprising pack many rare books are available in this library for the members. Members can use this books in reading room zone from when library opens.


A collection of large number of famous novels are available here fot the readers. All the members can access the books by issuing their card.


Free internet access is available in our library to the members. Members can access it from when the library opens. To access it need library card.

About Library

This library has a collections of hundreds of books and journals. There are several types of memberships available here for lending of books and other materials. Even, reading room is open-to-use to the public as well, at free of cost. Apart from, circulating books among the patrons, we engaged ourselves in various socio-cultural activities.